At Dave’s Painting & Home Improvement, our renovation services will give your home new life. Our expert contractors apply high-quality practices and premium products to give your property the rejuvenation you've always desired. We work with you to ensure that your renovation plan goes exactly as you’ve imagined. Our goal is to meet all of our customers’ needs. Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your project further.


We can help you give your room beautiful new floors. Are you tired of carpet?  Want an updated look for your room?  Whether you prefer the new vinyl click floors or wood laminate, we use the best techniques and tools to install your dream flooring.

Basement renovations

We can transform your basement into a beautiful living space, taking it from a blank canvas to fully finished. Our team will work with you to achieve the goals for your new space, from developing your layout plan to painting the finished walls.


Upgrading your backsplash can completely revitalize the room. Our experienced contractors can install new kitchen and bathroom backsplash tiles, performing great attention to detail. We take the steps to ensure you have a beautiful, enjoyable space to live.


If you need to replace a laminate countertop, we can remove the old one and install a new one for you. We want to help create a seamless, attractive look to your kitchen, as countertops can have a strong role in tying the room together. We pride ourselves on being diligent throughout the process, implementing our professional skills and craftsmanship.


If you have an area where the caulking has come loose and needs to be replaced, we are able to repair and re-caulk. It’s essential that all gaps and cracks are filled and taken care of, such as the areas around your windows, doors, pipes, plumbing, and anywhere else that’s required. We want you to be comfortable in your room, protected against intruding weather, leakage, dust, and more.

Trim Mouldings

Is it time for a new look?  If you want to update, change, or add trim mouldings in your home, we are here to help.  We can remove the current trim and install new interior finishes, providing high quality results with a range of styles. We will help you choose the very best options that meet your project goals.

Interior Doors

Do you want to upgrade your interior doors to a new style? Have one that is broken or damaged?  Whatever your needs may be, our team can install a new door for your home. We ensure the installations are both beautiful in your space, and provide reliable security.

Drywall and Stipple Repairs

Whether you have a leaky bathroom, skylight, dishwasher malfunction, or have drywall that needs to be replaced or repaired, our qualified team is prepared to ease your worries and fix your issues. Does your stipple ceiling need to be repaired as well? Dave’s Painting & Home Improvement has you covered!


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